Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bees, bees, everywhere.

So we had a little excitement in the house. Yes, bees! We have had our windows open a lot since the weather has been so nice and I have noticed a few bees in the house right by my bay window. I didn't think much of it since we have a small hole in one of the screens and just thought they were getting in that way. Well, when I noticed that I was still killing bees and my windows haven't been opened, I knew we had an issue.

I took the kids outside to play a couple of days ago and saw where they were getting in. There is a small roof on our bay window and they were getting in through one of the grooves on the roof. Great. I sat and watched for a few minutes and probably saw 10-15 bees come in and out. I knew we had a bigger problem and it certainly wasn't something I was going to mess with. I called around to a few places and found a recommended local place with a good price. I finally got a hold of Greg and he said he wanted to see if he could take care of it on his own. I tried to explain to him that I would be nowhere outside when he did it and I would not get the stingers out of the stings that he would inevitably get. (Ok, I would but I didn't really want him to take care of it. I just wanted to "call the man".)

One of the great things about technology. Video conferencing! So I took my laptop outside and held it up to the bay window, where Greg immediately saw how many there were and said, "umm ya, just call the man".
The guy came over and had this huge injector looking thing and sprayed a powder in the hole. Ya, that really pissed the bees off. About 50 or so came swarming out. He had to do that 2-3 times and sprayed them as well. Almost 48 hours later, the bees are gone! Thank God! Anyone that knows me knows that I hate bugs, especially bees & ticks. Ewww.

So does anyone know which classic tv show this quote is from? "just call the man". Hint: It is one of Greg's all time favorite shows and we watch it every night.

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Jessi said...

Bees freak me out... I hope they are gone now!

Gotta be Seinfeld???