Friday, September 5, 2008

Another installment of, are we doing the right thing?

Ryan starts school on Monday through Easter Seals. It is at the same place he went to over the summer and we both absolutely fell in love with the place. We were very fortunate that this was his placement again since there are about 10 schools throughout the city. Anyway, he got an afternoon spot and because of me having to be home to get Ethan off the bus and the wonderful kids I watch, I have to send him on the bus. I just saw the bus drive by (I am guessing for a trial run to see how long it is between houses) and I just got this huge lump in my throat. How on earth am I going to put my 2 year old on a bus with strangers? He has come a long way as far as speech but he doesn't know how to convey his feelings or emotions. He just cries until we figure it out.
I know this is the absolute best place for him, it just sucks that I can't go out and buy a mommy mobile (aka mini van) so I can transport everyone to take him, which would suck anyway but still.
And I know deep down that riding the bus is nothing. We are very fortunate that he is healthy and is making huge strides in his speech & sensory issues but being a parent is so hard sometimes.
His teachers seem to think the first few days will be hard but after that he will love riding the bus. I will be the one buckling him in on the bus every day so I know he will be safe and won't be running and jumping on every seat while the drive is yelling at him. I can just picture that happening. Ry would have a hay day.
Any parents BTDT?

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Netter said...

I'm sure the first couple of days will be an adjustment, but I'm also sure he'll grow to love it. Be strong!