Friday, February 27, 2009


Ryan has been so funny lately. He is really trying to engage others in playing. His favorite thing to do when he gets home from school is to go upstairs with me to wake up Silas so they can play. The first words out of his mouth are always, "Come on Silas, let's go find the cat". They then go around the house to see if they can find Scout. Usually, Scout is asleep on the couch but they go around pretending they can't find her. So cute. Yesterday, Silas was down here eating his snack and Ryan was upstairs. I see Ryan peek his head over the banister and yell "Come on Siley J, let's go find the cat". Silas scarfs down his snack and runs upstairs. Their friendship is just so cute.

Ryan has FINALLY given up his binkie. Greg put him down for a nap one day and decided no binkie. And it worked. He has asked for it a couple of times since then but I just remind him that he is a big boy and doesn't need a binkie anymore.

One of Ry's last days with his bink. And yes, he was carrying around 2 in his mouth.

Next up: Sippy cup & Potty training! Uggh!

Ethan's first BlueJackets Game!

We had a ball! The Columbus Bluejackets Foundation is a huge sponsor of Easter Seals where Ryan goes to school. His teacher called me one day and offered us 4 tickets to see a game. I was blown away! We had awesome seats and free hot dogs, popcorn & drinks. Here are some pics:

Kickoff! HEHE Ok, I know it isn't a kickoff but I am so not a hockey follower and can't remember what it is called.


And a hockey game isn't complete without a good fight.

Hot dogs

Aunt Aunt Amity enjoying some popcorn.

Call me a sap but someone proposed to his girlfriend at the game. I couldn't help but get teary.


Trust me, you need one of these. We love our Kozypal and it is still in great shape 5 years later. Kozypal is moving and has EVERYTHING marked down 50% off! Such a great deal! Go visit Kozypal!

It's been a while!

And I don't really have a good excuse. We have all been sick. Ethan has had strep throat twice, which resulted in him having to get a very painful shot in his butt. He limped around for 3 days and he did have a pretty nice bruise because of it. Ryan also had strep but he was a good boy and actually took his medicine when mommy told him. It's amazing that he won't eat protein but the boy loves his medicine. Greg was also very sick while I was on my girls weekend and then I came back with a sinus infection. To say I am ready for spring is an understatement. I can't wait until our house is semi-germ free and we can get outside!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This time tomorrow....

This time tomorrow, I will be in NJ visiting some of my bestest friends. We are all sprawled out all over the country but we always try and make time for each other. I didn't think I would be able to go this time but Greg, the wonderful husband that he is, surprised me and booked my ticket as a Christmas present. Ya, he earned some major brownie points.

I will be seeing them....

And about 15 others.

Doing a little (ok, maybe a lot) of this

A whole lot of this

And maybe doing a little of this,

And hopefully Ryann won't be doing this since she is our navigator.