Friday, February 27, 2009


Ryan has been so funny lately. He is really trying to engage others in playing. His favorite thing to do when he gets home from school is to go upstairs with me to wake up Silas so they can play. The first words out of his mouth are always, "Come on Silas, let's go find the cat". They then go around the house to see if they can find Scout. Usually, Scout is asleep on the couch but they go around pretending they can't find her. So cute. Yesterday, Silas was down here eating his snack and Ryan was upstairs. I see Ryan peek his head over the banister and yell "Come on Siley J, let's go find the cat". Silas scarfs down his snack and runs upstairs. Their friendship is just so cute.

Ryan has FINALLY given up his binkie. Greg put him down for a nap one day and decided no binkie. And it worked. He has asked for it a couple of times since then but I just remind him that he is a big boy and doesn't need a binkie anymore.

One of Ry's last days with his bink. And yes, he was carrying around 2 in his mouth.

Next up: Sippy cup & Potty training! Uggh!


Cammie said...

love him.
dont sweat the sippy cup. I still make Pierce use one because he spills shit otherwise

WineLover said...

3 is the best age - way too funny stuff and the mind/mouth connection works in ODD ways! love that Si and Ry are having so much fun together!

Sarah said...

Great picture! And yay for breaking the binkie! (I've a feeling Abigail won't be so easy going about giving it up!)

Jim Brochowski said...

Love the things kids come up with when they are young.

Kinda miss those days.