Thursday, March 12, 2009

So sad...

Today was supposed to be Ryan's first field trip with his class. I had arranged for my mom to come down during naptime so that I could take Ethan, Ella & Si to meet Ryan's class at COSI. Around 10pm, I hear Ry coughing & gagging and knew it couldn't be good. Sure enough, he had gotten sick and was running a low fever. My poor baby. I got him all cleaned up and brought him down to our room where he tossed and turned all night. Neither of us got much sleep.
This morning, he is much better but not well enough to go on his field trip. I had to break the news to Ethan and while he took it much better then I thought, he was still sad. Nothing a little Wii time with mommy couldn't handle though.
I still can't decide who was more disappointed though. Ethan or me. I was so looking forward to getting out of the house and doing something really fun with all of the kids. Ryan's teacher told me they are planning another field trip to the zoo so I am hoping I can bribe my mom to come out again then.
Now, we just have to hope Ethan (or Greg or I for that matter) get it. We have Ethan's birthday party at the bowling alley on Sunday so I am hoping we all stay healthy!


Jim Brochowski said...

Aw, poor Ryan, (and Mommy and Ethan). Hope all is well soon.

Spring. We need spring!

Melissa said...

Awww sweetie, I'm sorry. Hope the day turned out to be an unexpected fun one never the less.

Cat said...

My mom says, that with kids, you never know you'll actually do what you planned until you're actually doing it.