Sunday, March 22, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.

Ethan had a friend sleep over last night and I got them all ready for bed. I was in my bedroom and hear the toilet upstairs flush, at least that is what I thought it was. I figured someone must have gotten up to go potty and went back to bed.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I was out at the grocery store and Greg was home with the boys. Ethan had gone upstairs to go to the bathroom and told Greg that the floor was wet in the bathroom and he fell. Greg really didn't think much of it and thought there was probably a little puddle from where someone spilled water from washing their hands. He went up to check and the entire bathroom floor was filled with water. It was leaking into the carpet in the hallway and into Ryan's room. He got the carpet cleaner out and tried to suck as much water up as he could. He put some towels down to try and soak up the excess. He figured out that something (gasket? something) broke in the toilet tank and the tank must have been overflowing with water all night. Can't wait to see the water bill but we thought we thought that was the extent of it.

We head back downstairs and Greg stepped in a puddle of water on the carpet in the hallway just before walking into our bedroom. Huh? How the heck did this get here? Look up to the ceiling and there are no visible water marks and we couldn't figure out where the water was coming from. Ok, maybe it was just a spill but that was wishful thinking. Greg explores some more and sure enough, the ceiling in the laundry room which is just next to the water spot, is water marked. And it is gross. This spot is yellow, like dark yellow. I am freaking out at this point because none of the other water spots on the ceiling are yellow. Just this one spot and of course it is the biggest spot at about 3-4 feet long. So we are assuming the water is leaking from the bathroom, onto the ceiling of the first floor and down through that common wall. We get as much of this water soaked up and get another fan to try to air it out to dry.

We will have some work ahead of us but I am just hoping it is no more then a little paint. That I can handle.


The Richards Family said...

Kelly I hope you guys get it fixed soon..

Cat said...

Oh ick - what a mess! Good luck with all of that!