Monday, September 8, 2008

Ryan's first day of school!

I am so proud of my boy. We have been talking a lot about him going to school and riding the bus like a big boy. All morning, he would play and then ask "bus". He was so excited. The bus was late, as expected for the first day, but all of Ryan's friends came out to see him off. He had quite the send off. The biggest his bus driver has seen! There were about 12 (adults & kids) out there. Everyone was excited for Ry.

I carried him on the bus and he waved and said hi to everyone that was already on it. His driver took us back and showed us his seat, complete with his very own car seat. We got him all buckled in, took some pictures and he waved goodbye to me. I walked off the bus and joined his crowd to wave goodbye. He did so well. I am so proud of him. Then of course, I cried and got some hugs and encouragement from our neighbors.

I had to take Ryan's supplies over to his school after the bus picked him up. I wanted to get in and out of there before he saw me. Mission accomplished. But all of the teachers were waiting in the waiting area for the buses to arrive and his teachers from summer camp were there. The tears started again and I got my more hugs & encouragement. I am not sad for Ryan because I know he is going to get to school and have so much fun but, it is hard to watch another one of my babies grow up.

And onto the good stuff. Pics! And please excuse his hair. He is way overdue for a hair cut but I have to wait until his stitches dissolve.


Jim Brochowski said...

This is absolutely awesome. So glad everything went well.
I feel your pain at watching them grow up, but there's also plenty of joy to be found as you watch them succeed. You're a great Mom! Cheers eh!

Wendy Tressler, CML said...

I can't believe how "grown up" he looks. Where did the baby go? He is all little boy now.