Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ethan was sent to the office and other ramblings....

So my sweet baby boy was sent to the office yesterday. I know, I was as shocked as all of you reading. My sweet baby boy can do no wrong. ;) But, it wasn't because he was in trouble but because he had a bloody nose. I got a call yesterday and it went like this:
hello, Mrs. Syferd?
This is so and so from Beacon Elementary. Ethan was in the office and I needed to call and let you know.
OMG, what did he do?
Oh no, he is fine but he had a bloody nose on the bus.

And he is fine. He does have a blood clotting disorder so anytime he bleeds, they have to call me in case I need to bring in his medicine. Luckily, it stopped on his own and all was well.

Yesterday was just one of those days where nothing could go right. The bee guy came again and said well, we might have to take your house apart to find the nest. Ok, not going to happen. Spray it again and we will make do. We did patch a couple of small nail holes in the wall and we haven't had any more in the house. Yay!

Ryan had a day yesterday and not a good one. Luckily, these days are few and far between but it was one of those times where I felt like there was nothing I could do to help him. And truly, there wasn't. He just needed to get out his frustrations and since he doesn't just come up and tell me that his skin is itchy or that his tag is bothering him or that he didn't like the way Ethan came up to play with him, he just has to vent in other ways. He just cried and screamed and kicked and about 45 minutes later, came out of his room and declared himself a "nice boy" again. I was so happy to have my nice boy back.

I did get some great news though. One of my very bestest friends is coming to visit in November. I can't wait. The boys are going to Grandma's (right mom?), I will kick Greg out to Justin's and we will enjoy a girl's weekend. I am so excited!

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Sarah said...

Glad Ethan's nose stopped bleeding on it's own! I hope they find where the bees are coming from and fix the problem! (Do they kill them or remove them?) Hope Ryan is having a good day today!