Friday, January 16, 2009

Poor EE

It's been a while but things have been crazy around here.

Last week, Greg took a day trip to take his friend Steve back home. He was only gone 24 hours but we ended up with an ER trip.

Tuesday night, Ethan went to bed with no issues. He woke up 2 hours later, screaming that his stomach was hurting. It was so bad that he was keeled over in pain and wouldn't walk. I ran up to him and carried him downstairs to our bed. It was so hard to see him in such pain. I called Uncle Justin to warn him that I might need his help to come over with Ryan, who thankfully slept through the whole ordeal. Ethan fell back asleep in my bed but the whole time was moaning. I called the on call doctor but after 20 minutes of waiting, I asked Uncle Justin to come over and off the ER we went. I threw Ethan's shoes in my bag and tried to bundle him up since it was cold & raining. Luckily, the roads hadn't frozen just yet.

I hate going to Children's ER. It isn't in the best of neighborhoods and you never know how long you might have to wait. After finding a parking spot, which seemed to take forever, we made it into the ER. We checked in and signed some paperwork and we sat in the waiting room where we proceeded to witness a mom, either totally strung out on drugs or booze, run over my foot with the wagon she was pulling her daughter in. She couldn't walk a straight line if she tried.

Finally it was our turn. Ethan was feeling a bit better by this point but they diagnosed him with severe constipation. They gave us some meds that Ethan didn't like so much and told us that if he didn't go by tomorrow to call the doctor.

The next day came and went and nothing. I will spare you all of the details but we had to take some drastic measures and I had to call in reinforcements (Grandma with the kitty cats) to come and help me. Luckily, that did the trick and Ethan even got some money from Grandma for being so brave. He quickly stashed it in his ATM machine he got from Santa.

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Cammie said...

yeah, that sucks. Oh, and ditto on the trips to Childrens....scares the hell out of me....