Friday, January 23, 2009

The Golden Arches

On Fridays, I usually take the boys out to lunch. It is the one day that we can get out of the house, so when Ethan gets home from school, we head out. Ryan loves McDonalds french fries and has come to recognize the golden arches just for those. Anytime, we drive by he begs for french fries and since he is lacking in the food department, we usually give in and run through the drive thru for some delicious fried potatoes.

Today, we are driving to our favorite place and Ryan spots the golden arches.

"Look, Mommy! It's the french fry house!"

Ethan and I had a good laugh.

Who knew french fries, had a home.


Cammie said...

that is hysterical. and in our house that home is calle Michael Donalds. Who is also the same guy who had a farm....EIEIO

Sarah said...

lol! Cute!

Netter said...

Well, there is a house of pancakes, and waffle house of course - why not a french fry house? Makes sense to me! Way to re-brand it Ry!