Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 In Review

We have had a lot of highs & lows in the Syferd household this year.

January was full of sickness. Ryan started receiving home visits through MRDD. Greg and I, along with our friends, Justin & Leigh, went to San Francisco, and Ryan turned 2.

In February, I got to visit my bestest friends in Houston, Ethan had his blood drawn three times in three hours, Ryan started speech therapy, and we started the Autism evaluation process for Ry.

In March, we took a fabulous family trip to Disney World. We rented a gorgeous house and Ethan got to celebrate his 5th birthday with the big Mouse.

April was the month of the shingles, Migraines & ER visits. It sucked.

May brought a great camping trip, Ethan's almost broken arm and his last day of preschool.

In June, Ryan started summer camp at Easter Seals, big boy bed, lots of fun in the sun and unfortunately, lots of sickness too.

July brought the start of a second opinion on Ryan for Autism and farewell to the Stills.

August, Ethan started Kindergarten, first stitches for Ry, and a girls weekend at the Jersey shore for me.

September brought the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Ryan's first day of school & bus ride, and the Walk Now for Autism at Ohio State.

October was filled with fun Halloween activities, flag football and Ethan's first trip to the school office.

November brought wonderful friends to Ohio for a visit but it also brought horrible tragedy and heartbreak.

was filled with holiday cheer and we found out that Ryan qualified for the special needs preschool that we wanted him to go to next fall.

Happy New Year! We hope this year brings lots of happiness.


Cammie said...

Happy New Year Kel....cant wait for next month!

Tracey said...

Great blog post! I might copy you...if I can remember back to January 2008!

Sarah said...

Happy New Year!