Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to my baby boy.

Today, Ryan turns 3. I can't believe my baby is 3. It seems like yesterday I was pregnant and trying to wait patiently for his arrival.

We are so incredibly proud of him. (Although today, after many tantrums, we were caught wondering if this cute, little boy would make it to his 3rd birthday.) He has come so far. Less then a year ago, he was only saying a handful of words and was having a lot of trouble communicating with us. We still have our struggles but he has come so far. I do wish we had made more progress with his eating but I know, in time, he will over come his struggles. Since Ryan won't eat it, instead of cake, I am making him banana pudding. We will do presents & pudding and then have a joint party for the boys later in the month.

My last belly picture

New baby

Ethan meeting his new baby brother

About 6 months

First birthday (and the only time he has ever eaten cake)

Second birthday....such a Grandpa's boy

So excited to meet Mickey Mouse!

First time on a boat

First day of school

Christmas 2008

Fun at school

Happy birthday, Ryan!! We love you so much!


Jim Brochowski said...

Happy Birthday to Ryan!

I haven't talked about this a lot, but one of the highlights of my year came when we came over to go out with you guys - I don't remember what for...

Anyway, we were all sitting there and you were giving K instructions on what was where and to let E work the t.v. ;-) and then out of the blue...

Mr. Ryan came up and gave me a huge big hug.

We were trying so hard to keep up with all that was going on with him via your blog, but not be intrusive with our knowledge of children with challenges. Didn't want to seem like the "all knowing Brochowskis" as it were, and yet here he came - with that hug.

It was almost like he knew how much we cared, we were concerned, and we want him to succeed, how much we are there for him and for all of you.

Now, I know I am probably blowing it all out of proportion, but I don't have an alternative explanation.

We hadn't seen you in forever and here he came with that big huge hug...

and it just felt great.

Like I said - A highlight.

He's an awesome little boy!

Love you all - Jimmer

Cammie said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

WineLover said...

Happy Birthday Ry!!
I have to agree - Ry and Si have gotten way too big, way too fast!

Love the Disney picture :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Squints2.0 said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! Have a great day!

Cammie said...

I gave you an award today