Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

I decided to steal this from my friend, Cammie at House of No Sleep, whom I am sure got it from another blog she stalks. I am hoping to keep with it every Monday.

I did NOT drive in the ice on Saturday because I needed my coffee fix.
I did NOT watch crap tv including Rock of Love Bus, The Real World & The City.
I did NOT give in and give Ryan back his binkie when he wouldn't stop screaming.
I did NOT not do the laundry because I needed a nap.
I was NOT in a bad mood all weekend.
I did NOT look forward to sending the kids back to school.
And I did NOT start a countdown for my girls weekend in NJ.


Cammie said...

I got it from
very cool blog with a sweet miracle baby.

Sarah said...

lol! I'm loving all these Not Me Mondays. :)