Friday, April 25, 2008


I have shingles. This is so not something I thought I would experiencing at age 31. I thought only old(er) people got this.

I noticed, what appeared to be a bug bite, on my left breast on Monday. As the week went on, the redness around it, kept getting worse. I also started having some pain in my breast and it radiated through to my shoulder and today it decided to go down my arm as well. I went to the doctor today and he mentioned shingles right off the bat and once I mentioned the pain in my breast, shoulder & arm, he knew that is what it is. The good news is that we caught it early. He said if I had gone in a day or two earlier, it probably wouldn't have been able to diagnose it. The bad news is that I am very contagious and the pain will get worse and the bumps will most likely scar. He game me a medicine to try and help it from getting worse, along with a steroid. If I am in pain next week, I need to go back to try and manage that.

So stay far, far away from the Syferd house this week. I hear I am in for a long haul. Good thing we didn't have any big plans this weekend!

Update: So I am contagious but I can't give shingles to someone else. I can only spread it to those that have not had the chicken pox yet. So if you have had the chicken pox, come on over and party. Ok, not really. I am in bed, in my pajamas and I just took some meds. The pain is getting worse and I just have this feeling I will be calling the doctor later for something stronger.

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