Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ry's Foods

In order to start this new feeding program with Ryan, I had to put a list of his preferred foods. I thought some of you might find it interesting to see what he actually will eat.

Crackers--goldfish (pizza & pretzel flavors only ), wheat thins-any flavor; won't touch a plain Club or Ritz cracker
Sun Chips--any flavor
dried fruit made by Gerber toddler
pretzel sticks--must be sticks or the little ones in the chex mix bags
cereal--Cheerios--any flavor, especially fruity cheerios, mini wheats (sometimes)
juice boxes at room temperature
milk, must be warmed
Little Debbie nutty bars--peanut butter bar covered in chocolate
Teddy Grahams--any flavor, especially chocolate
Gerber Puffs--any flavor
French fries
Veggie flavored chips
Veggie straws
red licorice
fruit snacks--gummies

Yes, that is it. No meats, no cheese, no protein other then milk. It really is amazing that he weighs almost as much as his big brother. We have been trying to limit his milk intake and offering more juice or water but it is hard some days because I know he depends on it sometimes.

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