Monday, February 4, 2008

I knew I wasn't crazy.

So Ryan is feeling better and when he is feeling better, Mommy seems to have a constant headache. He has more meltdowns, is constantly throws things, bangs his head on the floor and just can't seem to be able to tell us what he needs or wants. When he had the high fevers, he was quite the mellow guy to be around. He was trying to talk to us and just all around communicated better with signing or pointing. He brought cars to Ethan so that he would come and play with him. He let me read him a entire book. Granted, it was a Little Einsteins book but we have never gotten through the whole thing before. He saw geese in the sky, pointed and said "GEESE". And even though the thermometer under his arm said he was very sick, he seemed happy....very, very happy.

A couple of nights ago, I mentioned to Greg how Ryan seemed to have a turned a corner and just seemed to be trying harder, instead of tantruming. Little did I know, that it was all because of the fever. I found this article and found it very interesting.


WineLover said...

Justin and I noticed how happy Ri was when we picked the kids up on Thursday - I had no clue that a temp could have that affect!

Roxanne said...


You may, or may not, remember me. I used to work with you and Greg at CML in the RRC. Your blog hit home with me since my son as recently been diagnosed with ASD. I was looking up ASD on google, and this page came up. Who knew? I would love to hear from you.