Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another great therapy session

Ryan went to OT today and had a great session. He listened and when we redirected him, he was cooperative. He wore special ankle weights today to give him more of a workout and Ethan had to wear them as well. Ethan kept saying he was building his muscles. :) Today, in the swing, Ryan hung on all by himself and kept saying Wheeee! We moved into the food room using scooters and Ryan sat down and said bubbles! He knows that is his reward when he touches a new food so we got them out right away. He even blew some all by himself. He said lots of words too without being prompted. He played with applesauce & ate teddy grahams with a smidge or peanut butter oil on them. He gobbled them all down so this is something we will incorporate at home as well.

The best part was when Ryan's therapist even said she has taken note of all of the great strides Ryan has made in these past 4 months. Watching him today, you would never have guessed his first 3 sessions were crying fits. Transition has always been a very difficult part for Ryan and he transitions much easier then he used to. It is still hard for him but he recooperatess much faster.

It is so wonderful to see progress and knowing this is the place for him!

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