Friday, February 15, 2008

Busy, busy day!

We have had a very busy day.

We started by taking Ethan to school. He didn't have school on Wednesday so he got to pass out all of his Valentine's today. He had to make special Valentine's for his girlfriends (yes I meant girlfriendS). He added 2 stamps and special sparkly stickers for the two Emmas & Sydney. I made sure to point that out to their moms. :)

Then, Ryan had his first speech therapy session. Ryan had a difficult time when we walked into the building and made it to the waiting room. He just seemed so unsure of everything and it resulted in a meltdown. His therapist came out within a few minutes and took us back to the room. She was wonderful with him and he recovered very quickly. He loved the shape sorter, putting the coins in the piggy bank and his all time favorite, bubbles. Even though it took him a little while to warm up, he did great and was trying to repeat a lot of what she said. He said pop, go, bubble and block.

After therapy, we went to get Ethan from school and came home to have more therapies through MRDD. His teacher started today and brought a speech therapist as well. He did wonderfully with both of them and by the end, was running and jumping them. They also gave us plenty of "homework" of things to work on in between visits. His teacher will come back again in 2 weeks but since we just started private speech therapy, we are no longer eligible for speech services through MRDD.

His teacher also mentioned summer programs that would be very beneficial for Ryan and they aren't quite as expensive as I thought they would be so we are hoping we can get Ryan into one of those. We are on the list to go to a center so we are hoping we don't have to wait too long.

Tonight, Greg and I are going out with some friends and Ethan's favorite babysitter, Kailey, is going to come and watch the boys. It's been a very long week so I think I deserve a beer....or 4!

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WineLover said...

yee gads - you guys were busy today!
I hope you and Greg are out right now having a GREAT time - you deserve it!!