Friday, August 8, 2008

Some updates

I can't believe summer is almost ever.  Ethan is very excited to start Kindergarten but I think he is most excited about riding the bus with his friends.  I just hope the first days go smoothly.  He can be very shy so I am afraid I am going to have to push him on the bus.
Ryan will also start riding the bus this year.  We were very relieved to hear he did get a spot at Easter Seals (through Franklin County MRDD) starting in September.  This will be at the same place he is now and he may even have the same teacher.  The only draw back is that he got an afternoon spot so we will have to rearrange his schedule.  If we gave up this spot we weren't guaranteed another one so we will just make do.  I imagine the first few weeks are going to be hard on him (and us) but we will just figure it out as we go. 
We have also been visiting with Dr. P, his new neuropsychologist.  He loves her.  She describes him as "inconsistent".    The first day he saw her, she thought maybe Children's was right with their first diagnosis but throughout the appointment he started showing more and more signs of Autism.  The second visit, he was perfect.  Then last night, was more like the first.  Showing little signs.  She did lots of testing as well as giving his teacher and I some paperwork to fill out.  She will look over everything and score the testing that she did and Greg and I meet with her in two weeks to go over the results.  Of course, I am dreading it.  We know Ry is far behind (Autism or not) and that is never an easy thing to hear.   It is nice to see so much improvement in him though.  The therapies & summer camp have been worth every penny.
Saturday is my birthday!  The big 3-2 (shh, don't say it too loud).  Greg and I, along with Justin & Leigh are going out for dinner and hopefully to see some 80s music.   Thanks to Grandma (with the kitty cats) for agreeing to babysit.
And poor Ethan.  Ella (his bestest girlfriend) is on vacation.  She has been gone all of 24 hours and he is already missing her and asked to call her during their 12 hour car ride.  Good thing we have lots of fun things planned next week.
And Happy Birthday today to my oldest nephew, Matt!  Everyone stay off the roads.  He turns 16 today!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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WineLover said...

3-2 - oh my word, get the walker out!!
Tell Ethan that Ella misses him too :)