Friday, August 15, 2008

MRI anyone?

So, I took the boys to the ball pits (Galaxy Games & Golf) on Monday.  I felt like I had pulled a muscle in my leg.  As the week went on, it got worse.  My left thigh was totally achey and the back of my leg was numb and felt like it would give out at anytime.  I went to the doctor on Monday.  The doctor said he wanted to do some x-rays on my back.  I quickly corrected him and told him it was my leg and not my back.  My back feels fine!  But he explained that the pain I am describing usually means there is something going on in my back.  Great.  Turns out, he was right.  I have a bulging disk in my back.   I have to have an MRI on Wednesday to see how bad it is.  The good news is that they gave me a steroid shot and I feel much better today.  

Next week is crazy and will be very emotional.  
Monday--Ella & Si will be back from vaca.  Yay!  Then we have Ethan's open house at his school.  He will get to see his classroom and meet his teacher.
Tuesday--Ryan has camp.
Wednesday--Ryan has camp and Ethan has his first day of Kindergarten.  They do a staggered start so only a third of the kids will be there.  Then I have my MRI.
Thursday--Ryan's last day of camp and then Greg and I see the neuropsychologist for her results from all of the tests she did with Ryan.
Friday--Ethan has school--the first day with all of the kids and Ryan has speech therapy.

My biggest boy is starting Kindergarten and Ryan is having his last week at camp.  His teachers have been wonderful with him and he just loves them and the best thing is that I know they love him too.  

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