Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I guess I am abnormal.

Tell me something I didn't know. ;) I got my MRI results back yesterday and the results weren't good. I have degenerative changes in my lower lumbar spine...whatever that means. I am now being referred to a neurologist. Just another appointment to work into the schedule. I am not sure what they will tell me but I do know that I absolutely do not want surgery. I will have to see what my options are but at this point it sounds , from the wonderful world of google, that some physical therapy might be in my future. And another appointment to work into the schedule.

Ryan is doing wonderfully. He did discover his stitches yesterday and was trying to scratch them. I think I scared him when I yelled NO but anything to keep those stitches in his head until it heals because holding him down, is not something I want to relive again in the near future.

Ethan is doing awesome at school. He absolutely loves going! Yesterday was the first day I had to wake him to get ready but after some quick complaints of his belly hurting and some yummy Lego waffles & banana for breakfast, he quickly got dressed and raced outside to wait for the bus with his friends. I am sure we will have a day or two where I am pushing him out the door but, I am so thankful he has had such an easy transition.

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