Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ryan's first day of school

So this was Ryan before we left:

And this was Ryan when we got to his classroom

We walk in and Ryan exclaims "Oh Wow". Everyone laughed and thought it was adorable. He walked in like he had been there a million times before. They have a great set up. A pretend play area with a kitchen and toys, fine motor area with puzzles & crafts and Ryan's favorite, a Little Tikes climber & slider, complete with a small ball pit. As soon as Ryan saw that, he was off and running. They also have a great playground that is completely fenced in and they have a door from their classroom to go out. I stayed for about 15 minutes so I could talk to his teachers. I told him goodbye and off I went to spy on him through the one way mirror. He did start to tear up once he realized I wasn't there anymore but his teachers said he did great for his first day. He did cry off and on throughout the day but as long as he was interested in what they were doing, he was fine.

Here are some other pics from my short visit with him:

And his first masterpiece from school:

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