Sunday, June 8, 2008

And now I have bronchitis....

I have been getting worse since going to the clinic on Friday and decided to head to Urgent Care this morning. I have bronchitis. He said, if I am not careful, it will develop into pneumonia but we are hoping the new, very large antibiotics will kick it. If I am not feeling any better in 2 days then I need to call my regular doctor. But, I think the new meds are already working. I have been out of bed for almost an hour. I don't think I have lasted more then 5 minutes the last few days.
And the boys all have something too. Poor Greg has been such a trooper. He has not been feeling 100% either but has taken complete care of the boys since Friday. Ethan & Ryan both have coughs and runny noses but we are hoping it doesn't get worse for them.

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