Friday, July 25, 2008

Update on Ryan's first visit with the new psychologist

I took Ryan to meet Dr. P last night.  He did great.  He played with blocks, trains & puzzles.   He was very good but she saw some of the things that we see in Ryan.  He showed her how his mind goes a mile a minute and how he doesn't adapt to change.  She pulled out a testing book with pictures that Ryan had to point to when she named them.  Each page had 4 pictures on it, each with a very small number below it, labeled 1-4.  Ryan was so fixated on the numbers that he couldn't point to what she was saying.  She would turn the page and he would point to the number 3 and say three, instead of pointing to the ear that she said.  She tried another book where he had to say what was on the picture.  Horse, zebra, house, etc.  All very easy things that Ryan knows.  Again, he found the very small number on the page and couldn't concentrate on the task.  

At the end of the session, she said words that I have been waiting to hear from a psychologist.  "I see your concerns"  Huge sigh of relief and maybe a few tears.  That is all we ever wanted.   I don't care what the diagnosis is (well, I do but it doesn't matter at this point).  I just want someone to see what we see and to listen to our concerns.  Other then our wonderful pediatrician, we have never felt like our concerns were being heard.  Finally, we have found someone who will listen.

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WineLover said...

Glad it went well and you are liking this doc!