Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We made it back from San Francisco...

It took 12 very long hours in airports and on a plane but we finally made it to Columbus around midnight. It was the longest day and we are so glad to be home.
We had a great time and saw so much of the city. We drove through Sonoma and toured wine country (and visited/tasted as many wineries as we could!), drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and watched the sunset on top of a hill (mountain maybe?) overlooking the ocean, hiked in the Redwood forest, went to lunch with a friend at Pier 39, went to a comedy club, drove down Lombard Street, shopped and ate great food! It's a great place to visit. (Read that last sentence again, Greg.)

But as I am writing this, I am listening to Ryan on the monitor hack up what sounds to be a lung. My poor guy is sick. I took him to the doctor today and we were immediately sent to x-ray to rule out pneumonia. Luckily the preliminary report came back already and it seems he is in the clear and just has a virus. A very, very icky virus. Before I put him to bed his fever was back up to 102. I gave him some Motrin and am hoping he sleeps.....please let us all get some sleep!


WineLover said...

I have to know the wineries that you went to!!
I hope you all get a very good night's sleep!

Kelly Syferd said...

I know we tasted at White Oak & Field Stone. I was thinking there were 4 total but I can't remember the names. We just happened to be there during their winter wonderland where you can pay a fee and taste at as many wineries as you want. We just did it for free. :)