Friday, January 4, 2008

So it seems the boys are feeling better. Ryan's sinus infection has cleared up nicely and he is on the mend. Ethan seems to have escaped the stomach bug and his pink eye is all clear.

I did take Ethan to the doctor yesterday for his bloody noses. Because it was bleeding out of both nostrils, she ordered some blood work and referred us to an ENT. I took Ethan for his blood draw last night and you would think that since he has to have it done a few times a year for his hypothyroidism that it would get a big easier, but I swear it gets harder and harder. He does great until he sees the needle and then all hell breaks loose. The phlebotomists at Children's are so wonderful with him....gentle and fast.

The doctor called this morning with the results. I should have known something was off since the doctor called and not just the nurse. His CBC & platelet count came back normal but his PPT test (I think that is the name of it----the one that tests for clotting) is abnormal. Normal range was up to 36 and Ethan's was 40. Our pediatrician already spoke with the Hematology clinic at Children's to see what the next step should be and they said that it warrants more testing so we will be seeing them. The nurse and I have been playing phone tag but I expect to get the appointment made today. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long.

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