Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ryan's teacher came for a visit today.

She was so nice and seems very calm and sweet. I think Ryan will really click with her. Ry was napping during her visit so we could get through the mounds of paperwork.
The bad news is that Ryan is pretty far behind for his age. It was very difficult to keep answering no to her questions only to realize how many things he doesn't know. The good news is that she will be able to come twice a month instead of the normal once a month and will be able to bring a speech therapist as well. I am very anxious to get started. She has to submit all of our paperwork and then we need to work out the scheduling. Luckily, she doesn't mind when the other kids are here and actually encourages it since they can be used as good peer models but she said we can see how Ryan does and if he is better one on one then we can work something out while Ethan is at school.
We are also on the waiting list for a early childhood education school. There is a huge waiting list though (surprise, surprise) and it doesn't sound promising that we will get in before fall. I am on the list for first opening, no matter where it is. I will drive him to Canada every day if I have to. There are a couple of summer programs that we might be able to do but we would have to pay for those out of pocket. Once he gets into one during the school year, that is all covered through the county.
So that is it. Now we wait....again.

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