Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Easter Seals

I have posted in the past about the school that Ryan attends. He goes to Easter Seals. Ryan has been blessed with fabulous teachers & patient therapists while attending there. We have been so incredibly happy with the progress that Ryan has made and I know that Easter Seals has been a huge part of that. He has learned his colors, letters, numbers, counting, shapes, etc. He learned that he can do the things I always knew were in him. He learned that he doesn't always need mom right by his side. He continues to work on playing with his friends and learning to taste new foods but I know his teachers & therapists are by his side, encouraging him.

All of these services have been free to us. I am not 100% sure where they get all of their money (I know some comes from the county MRDD funding) but I know they rely a lot on donations. If you are looking to make a donation this holiday season, I would ask that you keep Easter Seals in mind. They have been such a blessing to Ryan and to our family. Donations can me made online here.

If you are looking for another way to donate, they also have a Christmas tree set up in their lobby with items written on ornaments that they are asking for. A lot of families at Ryan's school are struggling right now and need a little help so they are asking for these donations to help them through this time. Things include diapers, wipes, toothpaste & canned food.

I am filled with happy tears right now as I just learned that some very special someone (or company) has made a very generous donation to Easter Seals so that every child will get a gift from Santa. I know a lot of the kids in Ryan's class will not get a Christmas so this was a huge thing for them and I know all of the teachers are so appreciative.

Thank you to Easter Seals for making a difference in my child's life. I can't thank them enough.

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Sarah said...

Great post - I'm glad they've helped Ryan so much :)