Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas has come and gone and we are all extremely tired but thankful that we didn't have a repeat of last year's Christmas. The boys have loved all of their gifts. Ethan loves his new Wii games and the Battleship game. He already beat Greg at it! Ryan loves his Little People race track and both boys love the trampoline. Best purchase, I mean, best present Santa could have ever brought!

Our favorite quotes from the day:
Ethan: "I can not believe my eyes" when he opened his Battleship game.
Ryan: "Oh my goodness! Wow!" at just about everything.

Later in the day, Greg's mom, sister & grandmother came over, along with Aunt Leigh & Uncle Justin. Greg made a fabulous feast with ham, dressing, glazed carrots, bread pudding and I made my cheesy potatoes.

Both boys had a great Christmas and we have one more Christmas to go at my parent's house.

Here are some highlights. And yes, Ryan has a sucker in just about every picture.
Just after Santa arrived:

Ethan with one of his favorite presents

Ryan, checking out his trampoline

The aftermath

Christmas # 2

Greg and I decided long ago not to exchange gifts this year. We decided cards were it this year, as neither of us really needed anything. As the day went on, I had given up hope that Greg had bought me a card so I decided to give him mine. A little bit later, he came clean and gave me a beautiful and very sappy card. I loved it. It was perfect. We were hugging and he told me there was something else written on the back of the card. I look and there are two 4-digit numbers. I immediately knew what it was. Flight numbers. I burst into tears because I wanted this so badly but didn't really think it would fit into our budget this year. He is sending me on a weekend to visit some girlfriends in NJ in February. These are my mommy message board friends. We are truly like sisters and I miss them so much and can't wait to see them!!


WineLover said...

ah, so sweet! glad the kids had a wonderful Christmas and that you get to go to Jersey!

Megan said...

Santa (and mommy & daddy) were good to the boys this year! How fun! =D

And you're very lucky that your hubby understands the GD's! Enjoy the weekend away!

Cammie said...

Im so glad he came through...I cannot WAIT for this trip. We are going to have soooo much fun.