Thursday, November 13, 2008

My smart 2 year old.

Click here to see a video of Ryan. If you can't make it out, he starts off counting in Spanish, singing Row Your Boat and then counting in English. This all from a boy who didn't say any words 10 months ago. He will be three in January.
Ry Video


Megan said...

I'll have to watch it at home, but from your description, it sounds adorable! =)

WineLover said...

ah, too sweet!

Sarah said...

Too cute! He's doing a great job!

(And I love the "please stop" in the background! I can imagine us like that once baby#2 is born!)

Jim Brochowski said...

Absolutely awesome! An incredible powerful share.

Do me a favor - take a minute - go look in the mirror and tell yourself what a great parent you are. Your drive is a HUGE part of Ryan's success, and his continued development. (Although, I will take care of the hockey development. *grin*)

You and Greg are really great parents.

Kudos to you both and Big Love to all of you.

Go Ryan!!!