Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's getting cold out there!

And thank goodness flag football is over. We were blessed with great weather, up until the last 2 weeks. Then it was freezing. The kids didn't seem to care though. I had the occasional complaint from Ethan but he went out there and ran his little heart out. Here is his official football picture.

Ethan really loved football, much more then I expected. Now he says he wants to play tennis. I have no idea where that came from.

Since Ryan goes to school in the afternoon, I make him lay down for some rest time in the morning before the bus comes. This is how I found him today.

Me thinks he has been building too many forts with his big brother. He worked hard at it though. He pulled all of his blankets & stuffed animals off of his bed and used his very own KozyPal cart cover as his pillow.

Last week, Ryan & Silas had the whole house to themselves, for a couple of hours. I was finishing cleaning up the kitchen and they went upstairs to play. They were being way too quiet and as I went up to check on them, I could hear giggling and chattering. I have always said that Silas & Ry have their own language. Silas speaks very clearly and Ry is trying very hard but Silas always seems to know what Ryan is saying. He is such a smart boy. Anyway, I thought for sure they were up to no good but I found them, in the fire truck tent, reading books. They looked so adorable together. When I first walked in, they were sitting side by side but I think I spooked Silas and he quickly went to the other side of the tent.

Greg and his friend, Justin, have a competition going to see who can get to the most Apple stores. Silly, huh? Well, I decided that since I knew neither of them would most likely get to the one I was at, I had to take my picture to prove it. So here I am, at the Apple store in Buffalo, NY. Take that!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Cammie said...

Cute pics!!

Jim Brochowski said...

Nice job on the Apple Store gig.

Great pics!

Greg said...

Damn you!!! I'll never make it to that one!

Netter said...

So glad I got to come to E's game - they were so cute! (And in this case "cute" means tough and mean!)

WineLover said...

Silas speaks very clearly when his darn binky isn't hanging out of his mouth!
So cute of the boys! :)

Cammie said...

Im going to need you to add my blog to your list