Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Party in Ryan's crib

Ryan decided he didn't want to nap yesterday. I tried for an hour and half with no luck. He was, surprisingly, in a good mood the rest of the night (except for the moment he plowed into my head with his). I put him to bed at 8 and he was up at midnight, 2 & 4. At 2, he decided to scream and cry and kept throwing his binkie out of his crib for 30 minutes. Once he realized I wasn't going to keep coming back in, he decided he would go to sleep. He was really mad about something. Now it is 7:50 and I will have to wake him soon so we can get ready to take Ethan to school. Coffee anyone?
Greg was out of town last night so he must have realized daddy wasn't going to be around.

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WineLover said...

I hope tonight goes better! si didn't go down too easily but is out now...we'll see what 2am brings!