Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's been a long 10 days....

So, you all know I was diagnosed with the shingles. The good news is they are better! I had some mild pain and lots of itching, but for the most part, I had an extremely mild case. Thank goodness!

Thursday night, I started with a headache. That got worse. Friday, I had to call Greg home early. Saturday morning, I was in urgent care where they gave me a shot of Toridol and some Midrin for at home. The dose for the Midrin was as follows: 2 pills the first dose, then one pill every hour but take no more then 5 pills in a 12 hour period. By hour 4, I had taken all 5 pills with zero relief. By 9pm, we were in the ER. The pain & tension was now throughout the left side of my head, left side of my face through to my neck. I couldn't function because it was so bad. By 9:10, I was hooked up to an IV with some more pain meds that left me feeling very loopy and not in a good way. I actually refused a second dose even though the pain was not completely gone because it made me feel that out of control. We came home around midnight where I slept for 12 hours. Woke up, sent Greg out for my prescription of Hydrocodone and was back in bed an hour later. By 5pm, I was feeling a bit better. I could at least function and took the kids outside. Monday came around and I at least felt good enough to take care of my boys by myself. I was still a bit dizzy and still had some pain but it was manageable. So I went to my family doctor and he thinks I had a combination migraine & tension headache. The meds that I received in urgent care & the ER were migraine specific so they weren't going to touch my tension that was in my head. He, of course, asked about my stress level, just like he did when I went in for the shingles. So I need do something about my stress level. Still trying to figure that one out though. I am still not totally convinced that I might have TMJ or something along those lines since it was only on one side. So I will be getting that checked out at some time too.

And poor Greg. He has been such a trooper but I felt terrible because Saturday was his birthday. The big 3-5. I really wanted to throw him a huge party but he said he didn't want it and I guess it was a good thing I didn't plan a party since I have been so sick. I did get him a kick ass birthday present though. A brand spankin new Nintendo Wii. The boys love it. Greg loves it and I love it too! I can see us spending a lot of time playing it.

Ryan had OT today where we introduced his new feeding program. He had some transition issues, at first, as he always does with something new but to say it was a success would be an understatement. He ate yogurt. YOGURT! Now, yogurt might not be such a big deal to some of us but this is HUGE for Ryan. He has never touched or even looked at, anything wet or mushy, since his wee days. This is huge progress! I was so proud of him!

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