Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's been a rough week.

Good thing we have Disney World to look forward to, otherwise, I think I might be locking myself in a closet.
Ry has a sinus infection and has just been in the best of moods (note, sarcasm). He has been a real handful lately and I fear he is regressing a bit in his progress. He had 2 great therapy sessions this week and his MRDD teacher comes tomorrow so that is good news.
I am also pretty sick myself. I went to the doctor today and I have a throat & sinus infection. I am on an antibiotic, decongestant & a nasal spray. I just pray that it all clears up before we are on our flight on Saturday. I have heard that flying while sick is no fun at all and I really don't want to experience it.
But the worst news is that, what I thought was an allergic reaction on my face, is really a fungal infection. All together now.....EWWW! Ya, it's pretty gross. Greg's mom was kind enough to get me a gift certificate to a spa for Christmas that I have been saving and decided to use it last weekend. I got a facial, manicure & a pedicure. A few hours after my facial, I started with a weird pimple-sized bumps on my face but they were water filled. There weren't a lot and they were on just two areas of my face so, at that point, I wasn't too concerned and just thought it was part of the process. By Sunday, it was spreading and it itched like crazy and I knew this wasn't part of the normal process. I was then on the phone with the spa and they had me come in and the esthetician that I saw thought it looked like an allergic reaction. So I had the doctor look at it today since I was in there for my cold symptoms and he said it is not allergy but fungal. I never, ever thought I would get something from this place. This is a very reputable spa here in Columbus. (If you want to know which one, just email me.) So I have a call into the manager and am expecting reimbursement for the facial & my medical bills. I am so not happy. And of all times. Hopefully it will be cleared up in a couple of days so that I don't have to walk around Disney World with a bag over my head. Good thing I have pretty fingers & toes now.

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