Monday, March 10, 2008

I am so proud of my little guy.

Ryan had another assessment at the Autism clinic today and he was so good. He had a small 5 minute meltdown when they first started but came around very quickly. Greg stayed in the room with him and the aide and I watched through the window. I was such the "soccer Mom", cheering him on as he completed a puzzle or pointed to the right picture in the book. I was just so incredibly proud of him and excited for him to show how much he has improved. He showed them all of his new tricks like pointing to things in a book and picking things out and all of his new words. I think the psychologist and the aide were both pleasantly surprised at how much Ryan has come around this past month. He is trying to talk more, is having less meltdowns and when he does have a meltdown, he usually recovers within 5 minutes. He comes up to us and just starts gabbing and we can pick out words here and there to try and make sense of what he is trying to tell us. He still has some troubles with being social with his peers but we are confident that starting him in a special needs school this summer as well as continuing it in the fall, will help tremendously.

We will go back in a couple of weeks to go over all of their results. The psychologist did repeat today that he didn't see enough symptoms to diagnose him with Autism. He is developmentally delayed and has some sensory issues.

I feel like we are starting a new chapter in this journey. Ryan has come such a long way and will continue receiving therapies. I am so glad we decided to start this process early, rather then waiting. Starting early intervention with Ryan is probably the best thing I have done for either of my boys. Our goal is to get him caught up to his peers by the time he starts Kindergarten and I am confident we will reach that goal.


WineLover said...

I am glad it went so well today! That coffee is keeping me up late :)

karen said...

this is such great news, kelly ! i'm sooooo happy for ryan....
it sounds as tho he is working so hard at reaching the goals that are being set for him...bless his heart....that is just wonderful ! he is so precious, and, so is that big brother of his ! :-)
but, let me add this --- you and greg are to be commended, also...if it wasn't for you two being such awesome parents, ryan wouldn't stand a chance at reaching the goals that are set for him....with you and greg having such a pro-active approach to this situation now while ryan is still young is such a major plus for him....he is so very lucky to have such supportive and loving parents as you two ! you and greg just keep doing what you're doing, and, ryan will end up shining like a star !
you all are an awesome family...
and, might i say, you guys aren't too bad as neighbors, either ! JUST KIDDING !!!
you guys definitely are great neighbors --- we're very lucky to have you in our little loop here !
(and, remember, as i've told ya before, if there's anything we can do to help out, let us know)...