Monday, November 12, 2007

We all know the cost of health care is on the rise and has been for some time. We are very lucky to have insurance but we had no idea how little therapies are actually covered. We are lucky that Ry is so young that he will have some therapies covered through the Franklin County Board of MRDD but this is in addition to what he is already getting privately. Here is a very informative article in the Columbus Dispatch.

It is so baffling to me that 1 in 150 children (1 in 94 boys) are diagnosed with Autism but yet insurance companies don't (err..won't) recongnize the importance of these therapies for these children to thrive in our society. Most insurance companies will cover the diagnosis of Autism but won't cover the therapies. It's like getting the diagnosis of having cancer but well you are on your own to get chemo. Maybe that is a bit extreme but these kids need help in their every day lives and at $200 a pop for every single therapy session, I would hope insurance companies would come around.

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Jim Brochowski said...

This is the type of situation that prompted us to develop The Gifts of Joy program. Annette and I were very lucky to have the insurance we did with Meghan, but it became pretty apparent to me that this was the exception rather than the rule. When we formed the MJB Foundation this was one of the first things Lorne and I discussed.

This blog is a really good idea Kelly. I'm glad you're sharing your story.