Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Finally, a good therapy session!

Ryan had a great OT session today. We spent some time in the sensory area and his therapist introduced 2 new things to him. The first as a brushing technique called the Willbarger Protocol in which we use a soft brush and brush his arms, hands, legs, feet & back. We also incorporate joint compressions into this routine as well. Ryan was very receptive to it. I am to do this as often as possible. Our goal is every 2 hours.

The other items she introduced were weighted things including ankle weights & a vest. It took him
several minutes to get used to the ankle weights and he kept trying to take them off but after a few minutes he was fine with them. He loved the vest but he also got a reward of going up and down the ramp in the PT room so he was a happy guy. He wore it for 15 minutes and was completely worn out when we were done. I am hoping our favorite Aunt Leigh will be able to make us one and we will use corn hole bags as the weights.

Ethan went to play at his friend's house while Ry was at therapy so he was very happy to go to see his friends, Alex Porter & baby Drake.

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