Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well it just keeps getting better....

The boys are still sick. Ryan was diagnosed with a sinus infection but he is still vomiting so I don't think the antibiotics are working since he can't keep anything down. The doctor thinks his stomach is irritated from all of the drainage from his sinuses. We are keeping an eye on him for dehydration or if it gets worse, then we will go to urgent care.

Ethan is not doing well either. He had 5 bloody noses yesterday. The third one was so bad that we almost had to take him to urgent care because I couldn't get it to stop. He was vomiting from all of the drainage so that wasn't fun either. If it starts gushing again we have to take him to urgent care to have it packed and possibly cauterized.

At least the pink eye is better in both boys!

So that's our update. I am feeling much better after fighting the stomach bug on Thursday. Greg has yet to get anything but I am not holding my breath. Today has been spent taking down the Christmas decorations and disinfecting everything. I should buy stock in Lysol & Chlorox wipes. I have kept them in business this week.

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ckj said...

Oh no! They can't be enjoying their christmas presents very much with being this sick :( get better soon!!